Talk About Hardheaded

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 12/18/2018
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It was a deliciously wonderful nights sleep. He awoke to cloudy skies and occasional sprinkles. No we were not detained and away we went to show the fish who is the boss. They are of course. BUT the OFM did manage to catch SIX speckled trout before we quit to chase other adventures. All six were sent back into the sea to tell the rest of the fish how nice the OFM Fishing Teams treated them.

Yesterday the OFM decided we needed to romp and stomp on Mustang Island again, so away we went. The traffic was light and the ferry was waiting for us. Soon we were in Port Aransas to grab lunch at the Whataburger. OOOPS They were full. OK Then let’s go to the jetty and adventure around. Some beach driving and we were there. Since everyone was at the Whataburger we got a great parking spot right next to the rocks.

When we got out of Sierra we noticed the sound of washing water on our side of the jetty. A closer look showed this erosion along the land side of the jetty.

The channel wave action was sending water through the jetty rocks and creating canyons on the island side.  This does not look like a good happening. We hopped up onto the paved walkway and looked around. As we looked inland we could see a bunch of hurricane debris still on the jetty way on down there. It might be some of the remains of the University of Texas research pier that used to be there. We chose to leave that for another time another adventure.

We turned toward the seaward end of the jetty and started wobbling our way out that way. The OFM made it to where the pavement ended and the rock hopping began and we turned around. We did find a few places the OFM will be able to wobble to that we can use for fishing, so the effort was very worth while.

On the way back to Sierra we talked with the couple on the lower right in the picture above. If we recall the story correctly, he had brain cancer and was treated at M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas. He lifted his hat off to show his head. He was baldish on most of it under his cap with lots of stitch marks and scars. For treatment the docs had taken the top of his skull off to reach the trouble. When it was time to close the “hole in his head” (his words) they used a titanium plate and grafted skin across it. The OFM was amazed and speechless. 

The fellows wife said that now he is even more hardheaded than before. We all laughed over that one. The visit and walk back to their vehicle lasted a good 20 minutes and was a barrel of fun. By the way she was 82 and he was 84. They are winter Texans from Missouri.

And that was the great start of a wonderful day of trying to have tooooo much fun. More tomorrow.

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