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OOPS We Forgot

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 12/28/2018
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The refrigerator door was finally opened this morning and there they were. The pork chops that were supposed to be cooked last night were patiently waiting for the proper attention. Guess what the OFM Teams did right after breakfast. Pork chop stoup of course. And it came out as a big WOW for good. 

The chops were cubed before cooking in the pot so they put forth lots of flavor. A slight change from the usual recipe was substituting Italian Salad dressing for the usual olive oil. Seems to have been a good move.

Anyway it came out very good. There is three meals of pork chop stoup waiting in the freezer now. All they need is a good warm up and a serious chowing down.

The Teams got in some beach time in the gray cold wind. The sun would break out for a few minutes every now and then as you can see in this picture of the beach.

We spent time fishing, walking and talking to a lot of out of town tourists with “interesting” questions. Today they were all nice folks but seem to have had very little time near saltwater in the past. But it was a very pleasant time over all. Beaches seem to be a good place for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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