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Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 12/12/2018
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The OFM awoke with a surprise exclamation “WOW I can breathe!” That was a wonderful development. There is still congestion and mucus but in a whole lot less quantity. He will live.

The day was nice and the OFM went around searching for adventure GENTLY. But the skies were blue, the wind gentle and the temps very comfortable. Check out this temperature that Sierra was reporting in the upper left.

The OFM even got down to the harbor and did some successful fishing. While he was there a friend stopped by and we lied to each other with great vigor about our adventures in living. During all that story telling the OFM caught three 14 inch speckled trout. So it was a good visit all around..

The big excitement was when the Teams was driving along the shoreline road and notice red pylons in the road blocking a lane. We go up close and took this picture of the exciting event that had taken place.

The electric company was just arriving when we moved on down the road.  That would have been one heck of an adventure to have that hit the road right in front of you.

We think the OFM did a pretty good job of trying to have tooooo much fun for a change.

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