Flat Ground?

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 12/01/2018
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The joints in the body were explaining that it was going to be a day of rest. The OFM was insisting on at least a walk. The body agreed to a SHORT walk on FLAT ground. And away we went.

Sierra got us to the dirt area on the far end of the Rockport Beach Park where Allegro Channel comes into the neighborhood. Sierra parked next to the channel bulkhead. The OFM thought it would be a nice walk out to the end of the channel breakwater. So we had our easy meander all lined out.  

The dirt area makes a good place for those of us that are not agile any more. This next picture is looking back toward town along the channel. The folks at the car were fishing. The younger fellow was baiting hooks and other fishing activities. the older fellow was doing what he could while confined to the wheelchair he was sitting in. The Teams has seen many physically encumbered folks enjoying this area for some time outside for a change. It is a great facility.

Now we swing around 180 degrees to look bay ward along the channel onto the breakwater lining the channel. That is the goal today for a gentle meander. And it was a gentle meander, but not flat, except for a few minutes of entertainment on the way back in.

Now we have reached the start of the breakwater. First you cross a short wooden bridge from the mainland and do a very careful BIG step down to the rocks and dirt. With that maneuver executed bloodlessly we started out on the uneven footing. The footing required a slow pace so it worked out great for looking around while negotiating the bit of a path out to the end.

We meandered carefully on the ankle twisting surface and watched all the birds birding around. There was even a mangrove bush growing in an impossible place. They grow in the oddest places around here. From near the midway point we caught this pelican waiting for some fish to show up for its breakfast.

We continued on around the bend and noticed the rock sand mix we remembered being out here had been replaces with ankle twisting softball size rock. It was probable a change brought about by Hurricane Harvey.

We have to give the OFM credit for being extra careful but he still twisted his left ankle TWICE. So we turned back before going all the way to the bitter end.

Now for the exciting part. The OFM chose a route back to the sand/rock path that took us close to the bulkhead on the channel. Nope he did not fall in. It was better than that. A dolphin came up next to the bulkhead and swam alongside of us for about 200 feet. It rolled up frequently and definitely was watching the Teams meander along. This distance we are talking about was in the order of 10-12 feet away and barely below the OFM’s feet. We talked with it and had a good visit.

The dolphin moved on to go get some breakfast and we moved on very carefully on the sore ankle. Sierra had chosen a wonderful spot to park so the slow gimpy walk did not take too long. The OFM was definitely happy at the thought of riding instead of walking. All in All it was a wonderful effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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