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New Nicer Nest

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 11/30/2018
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It was not early when the OFM started getting the Castle ready to roll. In fact it was hot enough to sweat some. The whole rig was finally ready and the OFM took off to say some goodbyes.  

Sierra was showing warm outside temperatures as we rolled from the Rice Paddy Campground.

The long 1.6 mile trip took around ten minutes. We rolled in about an hour earlier than we had expected. The back in was easy. The crushed granite pad was very level so set up was a snap. The pad is long enough that Sierra and the Castle fit in end to end very nicely. The pad is wide enough to drive Sierra along side the Castle and open doors without any bother of interference. WOW this is a real improvement over the last campsite.

The laundry/mail building is right across the paved campground road. Then the swimming pool and shower house is right behind the laundry building. We are certainly convenient to chores areas.

A wonderful nice feature we found out about tonight is the night time area lighting. No more stumbling in the dark trying to get back in the Castle. 

The wifi has proven to be excellent.  It is moderately quick but most of all has not been freezing or dropping us like the last location. The price for the gravel sites is $275 a month. The Quiet One RV Park is the name if you are looking for a site near the Rockport Beach Park and Tourist Area so you can also be trying to have tooooo much fun.

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