Heavy Foliage


Fish On

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 11/20/2018
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The sun came out and the Teams went down to a spot on the bay to do some fishing. The OFM was ready to feel a fish on the line. Right away we were getting hits on the gold spoon. Then we suddenly did it right and it was fish on. The fight lasted about three minutes and the fish was turbo charged. 

Upon landing it measured 22 inches long and back it went into the water. A couple of casts later it was fish on again. This one was obviously bigger and it took about five minutes to land it. The fish measured at 25 inches. It was unhooked and went back into the water to rampage some more.

The OFM did not have the camera along to take a picture. We found one on the internet that shows the type of fish but this one is a bit smaller than our first one.

Down here they are called skipjack. Back up the coast we called them Ladyfish. They are a very active fighter and easy to catch on any flashy lure if they are in the area.  Usually they are in an area in large quantity so when you find them the action is violent and fast. They can make it a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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