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Taking A Bath

Adventure Location: Rockport Beach Park, TX
Adventure Date: 11/11/18
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And the magic computer brings us back from the past to today and the cold, wet, windy, nasty day. We got out with the camera to find anything that might be interesting.

The first thing we found was that the nesting area for the migrating birds at the Rockport Beach Park is being prepared for the arrival of all the squawkers. Hundreds of them arrive and pair up to produce the next generation of feather legs. It lasts for a few months and that part of the beach area temporarily closes to regular humans.

These sea gulls appeared to be getting all bathed and prettied up for the courting effort. They were taking turns in the freshwater pool bathing and flapping wings scattering water everywhere.

And then there was the egret? at the rock jetty trying to find some food in this miserable weather. It was moving back and forth along the lee side of the jetty searching for a minnow or three. We watched for about five minutes and the bird never took a strike at any bait fish.  The cold front must have sent the bait fish to Cuba to play at the beach.

The Teams have spent some time working on our preliminary plan for escaping Rockport by December 1.  However we did not come up with a plan acceptable to all the team members yet. The trouble is that there is more places than there is time. Prioritizing is a difficulty for this bunch of travelers. In the mean time we are trying to have tooooo much fun in the cold drizzling rain and wind.

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