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Adventure Location: Elephant Butte, NM.
Adventure Date: 10/17/07
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About 11 years ago before the OFM existed letters with pictures were written to family members about what we were seeing. Tonight we have three pictures from one of those adventures. Notice the location and date of the adventure at the top of the page.

The OFM Teams were exploring the Rio Grande River up in New Mexico. On this day we checked out the area around the dam that formed Elephant Butte Lake. It is a large lake and was not full during this visit. It turned out to be a great adventure.

First we drove around the area below the dam and found a very nice boondocking camping area along the Rio Grande River. We have never made it back to camp there because there are LOTS of free boondocking sites in the area that we did use.

The road goes along and up to the top of the dam. From that view point we looked north upstream across the lake. Notice the VERY desert terrain around the area once you get a few feet from the lake/river.

From the point we were standing on the edge of a small cliff, you could look right down on top of the dam. It was a bit treacherous with all the loose little balls called rocks but the OFM was young and foolish then. This is looking right down on the dam top with the river flow right to left. It was fun.

Then the OFM turned and waddled a few feet over and took this picture of the downstream Rio Grande River.  The campground that we found is on the left side where the trees begin and stretches a good ways down the riverside. This campground is less than 10 miles to the T or C/ Elephant Butte Walmart. In other words very convenient to supplies. If we recall correctly they do have water and restrooms at the campground.

This area is on our travel list to return to for more exploring. There is lots of things to do and see in the area so it is a really prime place for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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