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Back On Duty

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 11/25/2018
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The Teams are back with more stupid and silly adventures, but they are fun (usually). Let us resume with a great subject ....FOOD. Since a reader a few months ago wanted recipes for the stoup etc. we will be publishing the recipe we made up on this soup. Yep it is soup not stoup. The ingredients have to be the cheapest that Walmart sells. No high priced ingredients in the OFM foods.

Hear is the list of ingredients.
3 sprinkles of garlic powder
black pepper to your taste
2 skinless chicken breasts
3 stalks of celery
5 long skinny green onions
1 large bell pepper
1 can of diced potatoes
1 dollop of Wylers chicken flavor powder

First the OFM got the 3 quart pot ready by adding a 1/2 cup of water and a dollop of olive oil. The OFM has found that the dollop of olive oil really makes the chicken more juicy and flavorful. The pot is started to heating for moderate heat cooking.
The chicken is cut into small chunks to suit your preference. The chicken is added to the pot with the scant water and basically steamed until done. Spices are added while the chicken is cooking. We use garlic powder and cracked black pepper.
While the chicken is cooking the vegetables are cut into pieces to fit your size preference. The canned potatoes are rinsed twice to remove all the excess salt  before adding to the pot.

After the chicken is cooked add the vegetables and  chicken powder. Then add water to cover the ingredients. Put the burner to a medium flame and bring to a boil. Stir now and then. When the boil is attained, reduce the heat to a barely simmer for 8 minutes to cook the vegetables but still leave a little crunch in the vegetables. If you like soft mushy vegetables leave simmering for about 5 more minutes. Here is the result.

It is wonderful and the OFM went through two large bowls of it in just over an instant. There is two more bowls full in the freezer waiting for the OFM to decide when he wants to eat them.

It has been fun but not tooooo much fun taking off some time to rest. The latest update on our moving is we are due to move 1.6 miles on Friday Nov.30 to The Quiet One RV Park here in Rockport. Then we will be working hard at Christmas shopping for Grandkids, wrapping the presents, getting them shipped to Alabama and planning our next move. We do know the early 2019 travels will include some Bibe time as well as Lake Amistad time.  Both of which are fantastic places for the teams to try to have tooooo much fun.

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