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Here Fishy, Fishy

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 11/05/18
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The OFM behaved and went Christmas shopping first today. This is very hard work for him. But we went through the toys section looking for 2 year old size toys and stumbled across an excellent present for the Grand daughter. Her parents will likely put out a contract on the OFM’s head for doing it, but that is a chance he is willing to take.

That effort wore the OFM out so he stopped at the harbor to rest by fishing. The 1 inch too short (14“) speckled trout were hungry and in great supply. The OFM carries seven different lures. Today he tried six of them with no luck at all. The last lure is a mullet colored and shaped swim bait. Those trout went nuts over it. The fun must have lasted for over an hour. Eventually the school of fish moved on out of the area. Then it was lunch time and back to planning time.

The net result of all the planning  was to set a departure time for the Teams. A short e-mail was composed to tell the campground owner our planned rolling time. We try to give the owners as much time as we can to rent the spot we are vacating. Our rolling date is Nov.30, 2018. That should be plenty of time to get all things in order before we head west again where the places for having tooooo much fun are in huge quantity.

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