Clover Blossom


Red Gate Sketch

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 11/13/18
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The shopping today was for a pair of knee high rubber boots in case it rains some again before we leave Anglers RV Retreat. We want to be able to wade in and out from our only door without getting the OFM’s feet soaked again. It is too cold now for running around in wet socks and shoes.

That boot finding turned out to be difficult as there has been a run on rubber boots. It was the third store and second Walmart we tried before we found some size 10. That is a half size bigger than the OFM’s foot but we want these boots to slip on and off really easily in case we have to put them on or take them off in the rain. Now Sierra gets to carry a pair of black rubber boots in the back floorboard just for decoration we hope.

The other time waster today was reworking the gate picture with colored pencils to cover the water color painting. Colored pencil is a slow process and since this is just a preliminary sketch the OFM did not take the painting to full density. He decided that we had the worst parts defined and we could fix them in the real painting later. Here is the finished sketch of RED GATE.  

By the way the Red Gate view that inspired the painting is to the east on Highway 277 South at Lake Amistad just before you get to the 277 South Recreation Area.

Between those two items and working on making a decision what we will do on November 30 made for a pretty good day of keeping warm and trying to have tooooo much fun.

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