Heavy Foliage


New Art Toys

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 11/08/18
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The OFM says he is so old he does not do anything anymore. And he does not start on that until after noon.

It was a Christmas present shopping morning and it was a little bit successful. Then the mail came in with another bit of art supplies and the OFM was excited again. It was a bad knees day so he did not even attempt dancing a jig. Thank goodness.

The day stayed full but not over running. A bit of beach time to think about how things are going was taken this evening. The weather is supposed to be a lot colder by morning along with frequent rains. So we captured this nice picture of the beach this evening for memories of the hot weather we have been having.

 Yep some fishing with a gold spoon, Johnson Silver Minnow model, for anything that would bite but the spoon was too big for the mosquitoes to get it into their mouth. But the water was nice to look into and watch the little bait fish swim around.

Next the Teams went to visit a friend going through a personally tough time and not having a good mental time of it. But we think we have him on the right track now and headed into personal recovery. He will be alright in the future but for now it is one day at a time.

Then the OFM got busy on a painting that has been getting a bit of work now and then as he got around to it. It did not work out just right. The main object is a blackbrush limb with thorns he photographed last September at Lake Amistad. The background is way to busy in our opinion and needs to be less intrusive. But it certainly was fun making the painting.

We think that was a fairly full day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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