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Odd Election Result

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 11/07/18
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The OFM says he is so forgetful now that when he gets up in the morning he meets a new fellow in the mirror every day.

We guess the elections went well since only one dead candidate was elected.

It was a Christmas present shopping morning and it was a little bit successful. However there is a lot left to accomplish in the next four weeks.

This afternoon was two fishing sessions around Rockport Beach. The first session brought in three more half inch to short speckled trout. They all went back swimming. Then near sunset we had another short session and one half inch short speckled trout was landed. It went back to swimming also.

We would like to have exciting news but it was a nothing special day except the OFM is still upright and breathing regular while waiting to find his having tooooo much fun moment.

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