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Remote Boondocking Food

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 11/28/2018
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Let us talk boondocking food. The OFM Teams have done a few months of boondocking during our 11 years on the road. However we always happened to do boondocking within a half hour of a store to restock our food. For example Oliver Lee State Park in New Mexico is about 25 minutes from up on the mountain in the park to the Walmart in town.

In this year 2019 we are hoping to do a couple of more remote locations that would need better preparation than four days of get by food. We went to the SUPER EXPERTS to get great advice.

Susan and Bud are a fantastic couple who are in their 80s and have been going into the high mountains of Colorado and New Mexico boondocking for weeks on end every year for quite a while. In response to an email from TheOFM Susan replied with some really good information on food to carry into the remote areas. They had a 26 foot Arctic Fox that they traveled in.
Here is the help from Susan.

There you have it. Experienced and Knowledge all in one easy to read spot.
You can search the Internet and find out most all that you need to know about heating, water, sewage and all other things but the OFM had not found a really good way of having a healthy diet for longer term stays. 

Susan and Bud are off the road now and the rig has been sold. They live near Galveston Texas where they have their long time home. We thank them for the great information they have provided. We are sure it will contribute noticeably to our efforts at trying to have tooooo much fun in remote areas.

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