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A Choice Made

Adventure Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Adventure Date: 11/19/2018
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Between the cold damp weather and not feeling perfect we managed to accomplish a little something today.  We re-researched historical average temperatures from two different sources about the Arizona desert southwest and the Texas mid coast. The result of the studies showed that Corpus Christi Texas area had slightly warmer temperatures for December and January. We also do not have to make a 2500 mile extra driving loop to the Quartzite area and that adds up to some $$. 

Right now we can get a full hookup campsite close to fishing, restaurants, beach fun etc. for $250-$275 plus electric per month. What the Teams calls the winter season is when the temps are under 50F at night. That is historically the first three weeks of January and by early February we are wading and fishing in the surf in shorts and tee shirts. All this boils down to we are staying here in the Corpus Christi Texas area until things warm up to shorts weather in late January.

We find it much easier to have tooooo much fun when the OFM is wearing shorts in the sun.

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