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Offroad Rambling

Adventure Location: Aransas Pass, TX
Adventure Date: 11/14/18
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 It was a busy morning trying to decide what the Teams will do soon. Finally it was lunch time and Aransas Pass called us to the Whataburger with a special request to bring the camera and get some shots of the beautiful blue day we were experiencing. So the OFM grabbed the gear and away we went.

After the big burger and a senior Drink for $3.85 drive out, the Teams made a b-line for the highway to Port Aransas. That highway hops across a few islands in the bay  to get to Port Aransas. All along both sides of the road are places for public access. Do not be fooled. The “roads” off the highway are really vehicle trails with plenty surprises waiting for you.

There are no real roads, just worn spots through the brush that you whip your vehicle onto and hope for the best. Quickly you learn to spot the ones with “special events” like this one.

That hump will cause you all sorts of trouble if you hit it a bit too fast coming or going. It is only one of many along the several miles of highway.

Once you survive the entry into the area this is what the super highway near the water looks like.

Paying attention to the road is critical. In the previous truck our 4 wheel drive was nice to have when we were in this paradise. Sierra is a rear wheel only truck so we are a LOT more careful. We also have street tread tires so they will roll OVER the sand instead of powerful mud grip tires like this vehicle had to help you dig holes to the core of the earth.

Today if you did it all correct you were rewarded with beautiful sparkling water and bright sun for your view. 

Now all you have to do is carefully make your way back to the highway over a few of the carefully unmarked roads. We really like to visit in this area when the tides do not have it covered in a few inches of saltwater. We managed to shoot about forty pictures for the next blog or two while working very hard at having tooooo much fun.

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