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Losing Weight Fast

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 11/12/18
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It was some really wonderful chicken stoup for supper after a cold wet nasty wind day. Things got a lot better after the first bite. YUMMITY YUM YUM.

Then when we sat down to start composing this blog entry, the OFM brought a mug of Hot Chocolate with him to warm his innerds.

The day had several different things happen. Probably the most important is the OFM got busy filing important papers that had been lying around for a couple of weeks. The 784 pound file box was man handled down from an upper cabinet. We managed to get him to do something that has been needed for a lifetime it seems. 

He went through that box and eliminated about 486 pounds of un-needed paperwork. Heck we even had to borrow the owners wheel barrow to haul it all to the dumpster. We hope the dumpster truck can lift the bin tomorrow.

The new lightweight file box was lifted up into the cabinet this time with only two arms and one leg. That is real progress. Now when we need one of those papers we know it is in the box probably filed in the wrong folder. But that will be easier to find than the ones filed under a pot in the back of the kitchen cabinets. Besides we can loosen the equalizing hitch a notch with all that weight taken out of the front cabinet in the Castle.

The art studies got a bump forward today thanks to the miserable outside conditions. We decided to try using watercolor pencils for the preliminary sketch to the next painting. That made for some interesting efforts since we had always used Prismacolor Colored Pencils in the past.

The water color pencils are softer and handled much differently. They are the Caran D’Ache Supracolor Soft Watercolor Pencils. Say all that real fast twice if you can. Anyway it was an interesting experiment. We stopped before the background was started to consider what we were seeing. Here is what we were up to at this point.

After letting it sit for a few hours while the OFM tried to understand what he had experienced, he decided to try adding water to the picture and see what new experience we were in for.

Well that was exciting. Now all we need to know is what to do with all this new knowledge. For now we have decided the best thing is just relax and enjoy this style of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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