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Restful Day

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 11/04/18
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The fishing has been wonderful. The catching has been NONE. But the OFM has been having plenty of fishing time as he considers his travel options.

He hit the wooden pier in Rockport Beach Park a couple of times today. The first time was in decent weather about an hour after the sun came up. It was a good thing he saw the sun then because it was the last of the sun for the rest of the day.

We got our usual spot at the foot of the pier and got ready for fishing while keeping a careful eye on the dark cloud back behind us. 

The pier looked very inviting so out we went. This is the view we had as we went out on the pier. 

Back behind us the front was headed toward us and the skies were getting very dark. After a few minutes out on the pier another fisherman exclaimed “ Look at that cloud front!” Everyone looked up and we all packed it in and headed for out vehicles. ZOOM ZOOM. You could smell the fresh rain a few hundred yards from us.

The Teams got settled in Sierra and waited a minute or two to choose what to do next. We were astounded to have the rain split around us and head on south. We did not get a drop of rain at the pier but the temperature dropped about 12 degrees in  30 seconds. The OFM Fishing Team waited a few minutes more and them headed back out onto the pier. No fish were caught.

We gave up and hit up the stores for Christmas shopping and other nonsense. The rest of the day was filled with chores and decision making.

Late in the evening after the sun was below the horizon this next picture was taken of the sky and the wooden pier. It has been a day of interesting skies and shopping to go with the fishing.

Now this evening as the OFM reminisces, he decided he had a nice restful day and a pretty good chunk of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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