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Winter Weather

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 12/23/2018
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Another fantastic sunny day in Rockport was our lot today. Low 70‘s and very bright skies. Some folks and their buddies went fishing.

The OFM went taking pictures of the bright skies for all to enjoy.

The biggest trouble is the low low low tides these days. Of course the low tides have a great value. they provide a wonderful and really needed flushing to this area that has normal tides of 6-9 inches. We are hoping that the multiple low tide events will beat back some of the bad algae growths that happen on occasion. From this picture it looks like we had about 30 inches of tide change today.

The next couple of days should be wonderful also. The OFM Teams are planning on getting out in this “winter” weather as much as possible while looking for tooooo much fun. 

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