CFS and Recovery

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 12/7/2018
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It has been a nice recovery day. Morning had a late start but it was a nice day. A bit of fishing and teaching some winter Texans from Canada how to rig fishing poles and fish in the inshore waters. Somebody along the way had them rigging like for surf fishing. It is a wrong way to catch fish in three feet deep water in the bays. They caught on quickly and soon had a few trout hit the pier floor. The OFM even caught one. All the fish were the usual 1/4inch short. At least they proved the OFM knew what he was talking about.

About 1230 the temperature dropped from 71 to about 65 and the light sprinkle of rain started. So the OFM left the pier and headed out for lunch. Everything was still being done in slow motion. The afternoon passed visiting with old friends.

Then supper tonight was Chicken Fried Steak Mexican style. It was really good and the OFM ate all of it and busted his belt. A hint over $10 drive out. And now he is ready for the horizontal position on the bed. Is it possible that eating a great Chicken Fried Steak meal could be classified as trying to have tooooo much fun?

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