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Cloud Attitudes

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Oh Boy only six months until Christmas. That is really exciting.

In the mean time it has been busy around here hitting stores and trying to plan our future. One neat thing happened today. As we checked out of Academy Sports with a new fishing reel and a lure, the sign at the counter mentioned that since the OFM is a veteran we get 10% off of our purchase. That is a nice thing for them to do. Every $4 can help.

Clouds! Yep clouds. Clouds give the OFM fits in his paintings. A couple of days ago we had a string of clouds moving past the area and the OFM Walking Team was out on the trail at a great place to photograph them.  This afternoon and evening he was playing with the clouds and the color balances for them. It proved to be unreal neat to do and now our readers get to enjoy a bit of cloudy commentary.

First we will see the cloud as it was in the sky at the time of the photograph. They are some pretty nice clouds for putting into paintings we think.

This cloud is a more horizontal cloud with nice “texture” to it for some paintings. We like it.

The Photoscape program has a button named “Autolevel” and sometimes it gets pretty wild in its efforts. This time Autolevel made the photo much more dramatic for an OFM painting. 

Yep that is more dramatic for sure.

This next cloud is more of a vertical style of cloud. We like it really well as it was photographed.

But, WOW, did we get a surprise when Autolevel was put to work.

You can be assured the OFM Painting Team will never again look at clouds the same way as in the past. Now the OFM is wondering what happens to the other photos we have taken when we let Photoscape run wild.

We do not know but you can bet we have found another way of trying to have too much fun.

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