Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


Feels Like 100F

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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This day had no resemblance to what the Teams thought it would be like. Great isn’t it.

The morning speed walk went off fairly well but for it being a bit hot and humid. The sweat pools on the path from the OFM was a mess. But he did the whole route and the exercise set after the walk. Then it was time to sit in front of the fan and drink some orange juice with pulp.

A nice shower and fresh clothes and he was ready to do what?  Since we had no plans we needed to chose what.  Then the OFM remembered is was Monday and Hobby Lobby runs the new 40% off ad today.  A quick online check and YAHOO they had the right kind of art paper on sale. At 40% off they are only slightly higher than Dick Blick online so there was the plan. A couple of grocery items were also needed so it would be a productive errand.

We got some new types of paper to try out for art and some groceries. The big mistake was going to Kroger next door to the art supply. High prices were everywhere. We purchased the minimum we needed and headed to the Castle.

Here is the new paper we are going to try out.

The heat was getting stronger and the weather forecast was showing no let off for the next two weeks.  So the golf clubs were removed from the back seat of Sierra and placed in their storage location under the bed in the Castle until the weather cools of some. That might be next September.

After that was finished the OFM set to testing the new papers and comparing to other paper we had been using. He cut swatches of paper and labeled each with the paper type. Then he took the “sky blue” color from a few types of art mediums and made test runs on each paper to compare how they fared with his ham hock hands.

As we had been reading, there is quite a bit of difference in the performance of different papers and the coloring medium oil pastel, colored pencil etc. Some combinations like each other and the same paper with a different medium will be horrible.  It is quite a major learning experience for a knucklehead like the OFM.

Now he gets to stay cool inside the Castle trying to have tooooo much fun wasting paper and art supplies.

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