Heavy Foliage


Storm Damage Report

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The storm that hit last evening late was significant in rain quantity. As the OFM lazed around in the Castle, havoc of all types was active in the area. After clearing some limb debris from the campsite the OFM Speedwalking Team hit the trail for damage assessment. El Camera came along to record some examples.

The first example came along right soon after the speedwalk started.

The red line shows the approximate location of the original shoulder of the trail. About seven inches of height was washed away.

Onward the OFM trudged and soon we found the next erosion point at a trailside bench location. Again the red line shows the former trail edge. The erosion was not as deep this time but it went for several feet along the slope. 

Several places along the trail had small deep gullies worn across it and into Flint Creek. They were all about nine inches deep and about fifteen inches wide at the top. Apparently most of them were gravel paths as the water washed the gravel from the adjacent trail areas.

On this short mile and a half portion of the much longer trail system that we speedwalked, the erosion was enough to cause trouble for inattentive walkers/runners.

The OFM stopped and chunked several larger limbs from the trail into the woods. However this small tree down across the trail was much too heavy for the OFM to move.

At least we could still get past it with little problem.

One thing we noticed is that a lot of trees must have thought it was going to be a big exciting party. Many of them had painted their toenails orange for the excitement.

And that was the OFM’s morning of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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