Heavy Foliage


Cool Walk

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The morning started a bit cool. The tee shirt the OFM was wearing was a too thin for the first half hour but as the morning warmed it was OK. Then the sun came up enough that he started to sweat a nice amount and the cooling was just right. When he finished the miles we checked the thermometer at the Castle and it was showing a wonderful 69F.

This picture is from this evening about 1700. During the day it got up to 83F but by 1700 it was down to about 74F with a nice gentle breeze. VERY NICE for July.

On the walk today the OFM did notice that the lichen (we guess) has really liked the recent rains and less hot temperatures. This lichen has some really greened up parts.

It is a good representation of most of the trees near the creek along the trail. Even though many trees are starting the fall decline in the leaf fading, other growing items are spring forth from the recent severe rains.

Yep the doldrums are pretty much still here but we keep on trying to find ways of having tooooo much fun.

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