Heavy Foliage


Got Really Lucky

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The OFM Teams are living right. We made the run to the grand kids home with Piper’s birthday presents. She handled them really well. The presents were even appreciated and played with for some time. It was a nice time.

I asked her mother if there was any more blackberries available. She said they were all frozen because she had not been able to find enough folks that would take some of them.

Then she mentioned that the bushes were nearing the end of production but there was a lot of berries ready for picking on them right now. Oh Boy bush ripened berries ready for picking, get out of our way! 

So buckets were grabbed and the OFM went to work. The three bushes have produced around six gallons of berries this year. WOW! It looks like the OFM Team got the last of them this afternoon.

We are thinking two eggs scrambled, three small sausage and fresh blackberries for breakfast. Does that sound OK to you?

But wait, our DIL had another treat up her sleeve. She had a homemade birthday cake made waiting for the family gathering tonight. Before he could figure out what was going on there was a slice of the fantastic birthday cake on a plate and wrapped in foil for the OFM to take home. WOW we live well.

The OFM Team finally made it out the door to head home in the heat. But when we stopped in at the campground HQ a package was waiting. OH WOW more toys. We grabbed it and home we went. Yep it was more art crayons to mess up paper.

With special recommendation the OFM had ordered these a few days ago. We are hoping they can help his incompetence diminish.

It has been an exciting day for sure. Tomorrow should be a wild day at the campground with 233 campsites full of families and all their relatives they can cram into the site. Trailer loads of adult beverages are flowing into the campground so it will not be a quiet and restful day. However in the years past it has not been one with any trouble at all to the Teams surprise. I guess it could be called Happy Drunks Land. It could be said that they are all trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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