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Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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It was trailer tire day. The right rear trailer tire was due for replacement when we got to Decatur.  When we got here it was much more worn than when we left Rockport.  In the picture the center tread is what we had on all of the tire when we left Rockport.

Those balding spots and a sidewall lump all came on the tow up to Decatur, Al. We have a place where we keep all the trailer tire manufacturing dates. By referencing that we know when to plan on buying new tires. Here is what it looks like.

ST tires have a five year life expectancy and you can see where the OFM noted on May 1, 2019 that that tire would need replacing in Decatur due to aging out.  Well it showed bad tire wear when we arrived here so a new tire is on order. We will be replacing it with the new Goodyear Endurance ST tire that they brought out a little over two years ago.

So today was the day to put the unused spare that is two years old on the ground. After the morning rain and a bit of drying time, the OFM got busy getting the tire changed. Here is the after changing with the axle still jacked up. You can see the red jack handle between the tire and the mud flap. The lug nuts were snugged with the tire off the ground. Then the jack removed and the lug lugs shown who was boss by the 210 pound OFM. When he puts that fat to tightening bolts they get TIGHT.  And now it is wait for the tire to arrive at Walmart.  Then we will get the bad tire replaced.

Changing trailer tires on the side of the road is not a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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