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Too Hot

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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A new sign magically  appeared overnight on one of the trails here in Point Mallard Park. Apparently someone heard about someone who heard about someone who heard there might be critters in the water around. So the whoevers must have thought that warning the locals would be a good idea. Now all we need is a critter to actually show up some day.

With a heat index of over a hundred by 1000, it was too hot for the OFM to hit the trails today, especially after he slept until 0830 this morning. Retired is great since he can sleep until he naturally wakes instead of an obnoxious event waking him at a set moment. What is an obnoxious event? Anything that wakes you before you naturally awaken.

Not much will be happening while the heat indices are running above 90. So the OFM decided it was finally time to cook the boneless pork chops that were in the freezer patiently waiting for their turn at the stove.

When they were thawed, their size was reduced to half inch cubes. Into the pot they went to be steamed with water and olive oil.

Next was to add canned unsalted pinto beans, canned beanless chili, and some Mc Cormicks Italian Seasonings.  All of that got to slow boil for awhile. Then the OFM taste tested and added a huge dollop of BBQ sauce of choice and a good amount of pancake syrup. He doesn’t eat pancakes for breakfast any more and we have a bottle of pancake syrup in the cabinet. It makes great sweetener for lots of foods.

Another twenty minutes of slooow and looow heating to really get it all blended together very well. The OFM had some blackberries while this step was progressing. WOW that guy can put away a lot of blackberries in twenty minutes.

Yep it is very delightful eating. Cooking something wonderful to eat for supper is a good way an a slow day to try to have tooooo much fun.

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