Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


Acrobatics Involved

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The OFM got out of bed early this morning and did not mess around. No Walk but fixed breakfast, washed the dishes and got himself busy with the batteries. It was 0739 when he started taking the bed apart so he could get to the batteries without killing himself. There was plenty of stooping, twisting, squatting, bending over and other silly acrobatic moves to keep him limbered up pretty well.

When the assembly of the wiring started the first trouble showed up. The bolts for fastening the wiring to the battery posts were about a half inch too short to hold all the wire terminals in our wiring harness.

So Sierra got to run the OFM over to Home Depot to get two more longer bolts. We finally got him to go ask where the metric bolts were located. Once we found the metric bolts it was easy to grab two of the right size and head out. But the whole affair took an hour.

Back at the Castle the acrobatic work continued. The OFM was excessively careful not to have any wires hooking up to the wrong terminal. After the wiring was all attached and the circuits validated and the bolts checked again for tightness, the OFM eased back a little. 

Now all that was left was to put the bed back together, and the bed clothing back on the bed.  Then put all the tools back in their proper place.

And last but not least was to give the Castle a hard going over for misplaced tools or other items. There was two tools still out.

More re-checking showed the two controllers behaving properly. The batteries were already in float mode. Then a bit of vaccuming was done and it was all finished at 1113. Yahoooooo. And the OFM was definitely worked over physically. We are really thrilled that the Castle is now ready to roll as soon as the weather gets to our liking for getting out and trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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