Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


What the OFM sees.

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The OFM finally got around to reading the camera manual and the camera is working again. He also found out about lots of features the camera can do. A couple of those features were turned on and here is examples of two features he really liked. They are automatic and so far work very well.

One feature is to automatically go into close-up mode when in normal mode. That means the OFM does not have to think or remember for things to work out well. That is always a good thing. Here is the center of a large crape myrtle blossom. The camera lens was about 6 inches from the center and the OFM was having trouble keeping from wobbling in the breezes.

We were very happy with the results.

Next was another feature for low light situations. There are two situations we encounter often. One is the camera being out in good lighting and the wanted picture being in a dark area.

In these two pictures the camera was in the sunlight and the two horizontal logs were in a dark trees limbs “cave”. The first is what the OFM could see.

The second is what the camera could see.

Our next example is when the camera was in the low light area that we wanted a picture of.
Again this is what the OFM could see.

And this is what the camera could see.

This is going to be a very good and useful feature to the OFM Photography Team.

Having the camera working again and the new features will help us in the task of trying to have tooooo much fun in the future.

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