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All Out War

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Five hours of tooooo much fun is a LOT. Everyone made it right at 1100 and the chaos started with a vengeance. Ages ranged from 21 months to 72 years and 11 months. The OFM thought it was going good and wild but then it was outside time and the fun really began.

Things were getting set up and soon all the folks were out back trying their best to have tooooo much fun. A small shallow pool was set up on the deck for the two small girls private use. Here is Piper checking out something in the pool. This was a really great idea for the very young kids. Grandpa and Poppy (other grandpa) sat in the shade and provided the life guarding.

Out in the back yard all sorts of stuff was going on. Here is Gavin at the end of the slip and slide doing who knows what.

All sorts of water fun was going on. Water balloons were going every which way. Out of the magic air a water balloon slingshot appeared. It could shoot balloons a long ways. The first shot went the whole length of the back yard and was still climbing when it cleared the fence into the neighbors yard.

After that the operators were better able to aim it and after 1000 balloons were filled and busted the war was over. The OFM never did get a decent picture of that event. 

Then the hand to hand water balloon battle began. It ranged all over the back yard, across the playground equipment, beside the gardens and across the deck once. It was a grand battle.

And when there was a lull in the battle Piper had to come onto the back porch to tell the life guards all about it.

If you can believe it the back yard session went on for nearly two hours non-stop go go go. The OFM just minded his life guard duties.

Even with his painful hip the OFM had a fantastic time. He apparently was pretty tired because when we got back to the Castle, the second thing he did was lay on the bed to stretch and BANG it was three hours later when he woke. WOW what a nap!

Tonight  we think we came really close to having TOOOOO much fun.

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