Heavy Foliage


Heavy Suckers

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Another very hot day but a rain storm in mid day made it even worse but we survived. Our new “boondocking” batteries arrived late in the morning at the office. Other chores in progress kept them there until late afternoon.

The batteries got to the Castle late in the afternoon and even later the OFM started the change out process. Once those heavy suckers were unpacked and lifted to their general location under the OFM’s bed things started going not right. Here is what the  current state of the area looks like tonight.

Since the new batteries are AGM instead of Lead Acid like the small emergency purchase last February to replace the destroyed AGMs we had had for two and a half years, we needed to reset both charge controllers to the AGM charging pattern.

As you can expect, the OFM did not remember correctly and put one of the controllers into “ I can’t work like this” mode. So the next thing was to find the operating manual and read it again. By the time that was done and the controller reset properly it was well into supper time. That ended our efforts for the night. Do you think there is a chance the OFM might read the instructions first next time? NOT A CHANCE.

So anyway tomorrow is swap the batteries out and verify the electrical  is all completely ready to get out of Alabama for some serious trying to have tooooo much fun.

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