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Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Yesterday a good friend mentioned to the Teams that the picture deserved a title. We told her that we had not been able to think of a good title for it. So she suggested “JUST BEAUTIFUL”. So now the picture can feel totally fulfilled by having a nice name.  We really like it when readers participate in the blog effort. Thank you Susan.

Today was going pretty good until late morning when a MAJOR rain storm hit here. We know that the campground rain gauge ran over at 2 1/2 inches of rain in 45 minutes. Ditches overflowed, campsites flooded a few inches deep at the back of the campground, some city streets were flooded and it was a general mess. 

The OFM Teams just hunkered down in the Castle and watched the world wash away. The good news is that it only took a couple of hours for the roads to get rid of the water on them.  The flooded campsites all were back above water by about 1600 this evening. 

During an afternoon walk around, the OFM went by the gravel trail at the west end and got this picture of some of the trail still underwater. The trail runs very near the river and has a few low spots that get water on them now and then. This is one of them.

On a garbage walk late this afternoon the OFM was able to capture this little picture of the sunset. We thought it was pretty nice.

After the storm it was a much cooler day than in the last couple of weeks.  That alone made it a nice evening for trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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