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Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The new Goodyear Endurance tire arrived at Walmart this morning so we got the old tire and rim loaded into the bed of Sierra with a little umph. Walmart folks were really nice and assured the OFM this was a common happening at their location. It was going to be a bit of a wait so the Teams went back to the Castle to wait it out.

When we went back the tech was just finishing the mounting job and we went it to pay up. The new stem, a disposal fee and balancing came to $17. The magic credit card did its chore and away we went to take the new tire to Sierra.

As the OFM rolled the new tire with the old rim across the parking lot, he thought the new tire weighed a good bit more. Then when he tried to lift it like the previous tire he found out it was quite a bit heavier. It took a big UUUMMMPPPHHHH to get the new tire into the bed of Sierra.  WOW there is a lot more material in that tire than the old ones.

Back at the Castle it was time to unload the tire. It was slid carefully to the edge of the tailgate and given a guided slide down to the gravel. That worked thank goodness. The tire was rolled around to the back of the Castle to be lifted onto the spare tire rack. It required a precision lift to get a bolt hole over the stud projecting out.  The OFM did a lot of umphing, ughing and good griefing to get that heavy tire up and on the bracket. You do not want that tire to fall on a foot or ankle. Any way it is now secured carefully on the rear of the Castle.

When the new batteries get here on Wednesday  and get installed, the Castle and Teams should be ready for cooler weather for some rolling in search of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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