OFM Style Fishing Instructions

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12-20-2020
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Tonight we have a response to the comments by Unknown a night or two ago about the Teams fishing.

Since we do move around some the fishing spots change noticeably with each move. Such as the Texas coast sometimes, then North Alabama in the vicinity of Decatur, then East Texas in the vicinity of Martin Creek Lake, then near Del Rio Texas in Amistad Reservoir, then maybe Falcon Lake near Falcon State Park in south Texas.  So you see we have to find fishing places wherever we happen to be located. Almost always there are pictures of the locations shown in the blog when we fished that area.

When we hit a new area, the OFM meanders around looking for fishing spots.  In Rockport, Texas the main shore fishing is at the Marina bulkhead in front of the Yacht Club, the rock jetty pier close by or the wooden pier in the Rockport Beach Park.

In the Decatur Alabama area it is the Tenneesee River banks wherever you can find a spot. Keep in mind the Tennessee River is closed to eating any fish from it.
Checking any local standing with a rod in their hand will usually tell you where to fish from their local knowledge bank. This is how we find places to fish in new areas.

What do we fish for? Mostly predator fish since we are artifical lures only. In Rockport it is mostly spotted trout, redfish, flounder, black drum, spanish mackerel, catfish etc. In other words whatever swims in the water and bites a lure.

Now what lures do we use. We keep it simple since years ago we figured out that if you find the fish when they are feeding, they will eat anything that looks edible as fish food. So here is our two most used lures the last few years. Salt or fresh doesn’t matter.

The top lure is a 3“ Storm WildEye Shad.
The bottom is a 3“ DOA Shrimp.

The particular top lure has been in on the catching of over a dozen trout since we got back to Rockport two months ago.

The bottom lure has been on the catching of about 8 trout that averaged 17“ in length in the last five weeks.

Now how we fish the lures. We put it on the end of the line and cast it out.  Then reel it in sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes jerky or any old which way until a fish hits then we repeat that action until it doesn’t work any more.

And that is how we have some of our best trying to have tooooo much fun.

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