Wild Imagination

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12-10-2020
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The OFM sometimes has a very “interesting” imagination to say the least.

Over in the Beach Park is piles of oyster shells being used for fill material.  Naturally the Meanderthall had to head on over to the fresh oyster shells to check them out.  Now all our readers know by now that the OFM has to look at everything. There are thousands of shells in each pile. Here is a small area with some left over oyster shells just waiting to be examined by a vivid imagination.

Before you can say FOOL three times he had picked out several shells that his imagination was turning into all sorts of things. Maybe you have seen the painted rocks some places that have been painted by creative minds of others. Well the OFM started talking about all sorts of images he could see in the shells. Before you knew it was coming he had decided that he needs to add oyster shell painting to his art efforts.

Here are three examples of things his demented mind was able to “see” in the shells. Good Grief.

The first is a hawks head and shoulders. The curved beak is pointed left. The eye is near the top of the head. The ridge curving from upper right to lower left is the folded wing. Does anyone else see anything?

Next is a face looking at you with a squinted left eye. The right eye is open and bulging. Below the eyes is a pair of lips partly open. And below the lips is the chin blending into the neck.

The final picture shows a monster at home in its cave. The monsters face is looking at you with bold eyes and snarling teeth below the eyes. The rest of the shell is the opening of the monster’s cave home. Boy it looks mean doesn’t it.

The OFM thinks some good paint work could really enhance these shells into great art work. The rest of the Teams are not so sure about that. At least it might be a good way to occupy the OFM while he is trying to have tooooo much fun during the long winter months here in Rockport Tx.

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