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 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12-21-2020
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Some little details around the piers today. This picture shows how low the winter water is going. For a location with only three to six feet of water when at normal levels, this is really low for fishing.

That is the fishing pier at the marina in Rockport.  The shallow water we have now is really slowing the fishing a LOT. But we will make do.

These next three pictures are piling tops from the pier at the far end of the Rockport Beach.  It looks like they are getting to be time to consider replacing. They were in good but worn shape when the Teams first started coming here in December of 2007.  So they have good reason to be worn down by now.

One of the pilings out at the end of the wooden pier had some sheepshead fish eating barnacles off the pilings today.  Out of several shots the OFM finally got one to show the fish at work. Those are excellent fish for eating if you want to try them.

Well the OFM has had a bad day with feeling rotten, so he is calling it a short night of writing tonight.  Even when you are hurting trying to have tooooo much fun is worthwhile.

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