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 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Adventure Date: 12-03-2020

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The OFM had forgotten to write down a few items ($29.73 of few) on the grocery shopping list so we were on the way to the checkout again when the migraine started up with the partial blindness and headache. Checking out and getting back to the Castle went well. The standard treatments of ibuprofen and rest were doing their job well.


In early afternoon the new toys (watercolor pencils) arrived and the OFM went to the mail room to retrieve them. They almost glow they are so bright.

We are really wanting to play with them but the headache still needs to be treated with more rest. We are planning on being active toward our usual goal of having tooooo much fun tomorrow. Good Night.


  1. Gorgeous pencils. I do love art supplies, but have tried to curb myself. Still...some are enticing. And these look, as you say, glowing. (Ever try some coffee along with the usual for your migraines? I do not want to be a person offering remedies, but I have had ocular migraines - which are painless but scary as hell as if it's a light show is going on in the eyes...but it does seem to stave them off a bit. And thre is a tiny bit of science behind migraines and caffeine. Just saying.) Here's to a better day tomorrow.

  2. Vision disturbances is the first part of mine. Then the screaming headache for several hours. Some folks I have known can use caffeine to ease the migraine. Caffeine usually makes mine more intense. My history with migraines goes back 50 years. I only get 12-15 a year.

  3. Take a BC Powder and come back strong.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. Question for you... We are wintering in Port Isabel and I just bought a Tx fishing license since we will be here three months. I sure could use some surf fishing tips as I have done very little other than tossing cut bait or dead shrimp in the surf to feed the fish in my past. Feel free to email me at Heyduke50@inorbit.com I would surely appreciate it and it would allow me to have too much fun while down here...

  5. I replied to your email late this morning.

    1. The email keeps saying it will not work so here is what I wrote. Maybe it will help others also.

      Good Morning,
      To define a description.
      Surf fishing is the fishing done into or in the surf of the beach fronting the Gulf of Mexico.

      My knowledge does not include much about surf fishing since the rods and gear are way too heavy for my damaged and arthritic shoulders to handle. Also you are in an area that I have zero experience in fishing. It has been a few decades and a couple of hurricanes since I last fished in that area and then it was the back bays. My path forward if I was in your situation would be to do some internet searching for information related to that specific area of the Texas coast. I hit up the internet and found a half dozen “how to/where to” sites that seemed to apply to that area.

      In general however, if you are not using braid line then switch. After using braid, monofiliament will feel like fishing with a limp rubber band. Braid makes hooksets a lot more positive.

      Back when I was a member, Texas Kayak Fisherman web site had a good surf fishing section. I have not been a member for about five years now and it has changed ownership.

      Now,here is what I know to be important. Make sure you cast the bait into a gut between the sand bars. From the internet learn how to read the surf so you will be fishing the spots that are most likely to have fish. The location where the bottom structure is wrong will be a serious mistake.

      The time between light enough to see and full up sun is lure time between the first sandbar and the dry sand. Gold half ounce spoons (Johnson Silver Minnow in gold) and white or light colored paddle tail lures are the best at this time. This I have done.

      Maybe it is time for me to learn some surf fishing if I can. Good luck to you and Merry Christmas.

    2. Thanks, just ordered some braided line...

  6. Your fishing tips are great and I'm glad you shared this on the blog rather than email to just one person. Braided line.... Please keep up the fishing tips!

    Youtube has some people who offer basic "how to" in a variety of locations for fishing. A guy who gets really into talking about the rod, reel & rig he uses for surf fishing on the Oregon coast to tell you about Oregon but not the gulf coast, but a search for a different person in Texas might help.

    I am amazed at what I can learn from youtube when I have a project or new endeavor to do.

    1. As you might guess I do a lot of internet research on everything I do. Saves a lot of whoopsies.

  7. Those are more than enough. I figured you had all the info you could use....one hopes the evil migraine will give up on an OFM and just fizzle out and go away.