Loot Distribution

 Adventure Location:  Grandkid Land, Al
Adventure Date: 9-12-2020
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We rolled in at the home of the Important Ones, Gavin and Piper.  A rousing greeting it was for sure. After a few minutes of pandemonium we got settled into the visiting.  After a few minutes, Gavin and Piper and the OFM went to Sierra to unload the loot.

We managed to get it all into the house and ready to distribute. Excitement was running high. WOWS and Those are pretty colors and other comments flowed clear off the table onto the floor.  We took time to make sure everything was carefully unpacked and not damaged.

 Then a bit later we did some How To time showing what the equipment was capable of doing.  Then we all calmed down a bit.

Later it was fresh cooked BBQ from a local place that did it really RIGHT. My DIL’s parents came up today also.  It made for a great time of reconnecting and trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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