Sand Storms

 Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 9-4-2020
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The OFM body was willing so we took a rougher than normal trail that we had not been on since mid March this year. It turned out to be a nice 2.2 mile round trip for the Teams.

After Sierra got us to the Diablo East parking lot we checked the weather.  The winds lately have been causing intermittent sand storms. The sunrise was a bit “dusty” looking.

Those rectangles are signs warning about the dangers of this trail. You know how they are. There are  critters here that will attack, bite and eat you but you can enter at your own risk type of signs.

The trail was empty of folks and critters until nearly back to Sierra when a four inch lizard came hot footing it towards us like we were about to be attacked. It recovered its senses, stopped and thought it over, then ran off into the brush.

It was nice to not be so hot this morning. 73F was a nice feeling for a change.  Yesterdays blog had a Blogger caused text change in the last half that happened when the second picture was inserted. We expect it to happen now and then.  Blogger is worth every penny we pay to use it.

Here is the latest picture that has been finished or given up on depending on how you look at it. Its name is Sandollar Cactus. 

It was done with Arteza watercolor pencils.  They are cheap pencils and act like it.

Later in the afternoon we had some nice rain the area needs. It came at the time the OFM was getting some things moved to traveling mode locations so we were inside anyway. Getting ready to travel after 6 months of sitting still is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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