Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-17-2020
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It has been a very eventful day but generally pleasant. A very nice cool long walk kept us content and calm. The best we could tell we hit a bit over 3 miles. The first time this visit we went on one of the wooded trails and in the cool weather it was very nice. When you are in the woods around here, your visibility is long front to back and very short side to side.

Along the way we found this “bacon” fungi. The way it shined made it look like fresh cooked bacon.  When you look at the picture and see the 3 leaf clover you are seeing a clover with the stem going through the fungi. It was amazing to see that in real life.

Each winter the “authorities” lower Wheeler Lake by a few feet. We do not know why. Anyway today was a lowering day.  They dropped the lake by about a foot. Here is a picture of the water stains on the fishing bridge concrete

After this nice start to the day The OFM went to work on finding out about the other local campgrounds.  We have visited a couple of them and calling them campgrounds is a long stretch of the imagination. Don’t worry the prices are way higher than a nice campground in Texas.  One garbage dump we looked at wanted $420 a month plus electric.

After a pleasant but disappointing conversation with the campground manager (who does a great job when allowed to) the OFM realized that we had better expand our search radius considerably.  A discussion with the family this weekend is in order to help on the planning.

So tomorrow starts the serious search for a different location for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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