Purple Primrose


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-24-2023

WOW This month is evaporating quickly right out from under us. The best event for the OFM was his joints felt decent and we got in over two laps of the whole campground for something over two miles. It was wonderful to get well enough to do that much walking again. We have no idea why the OFM felt so low but we are all happy to see him prancing around the dirt roads again.

We got a new neighbor into the front yard this afternoon with a small motor home. They have been very quiet since they finished setup and we have not met them yet.

Over on the other side of the camping area some light purple primroses popped up and are mightily blooming in the HEAT. Here is one of them so you can see how cute they are.


A few conversations with some of the folks in the campground occupied most of the day and evening. Quite a few are in the last week or two of their stay in the area for the winter. Most will be rolling soon following the cooler temps north until they get “home” wherever that is.

Everyone be sure to try to have tooooo much fun tomorrow. We definitely will.


  1. Kind of looks like a primrose. Evening primrose. Pink. (There are yellow ones too.) On the other hand, it doesn't seem to have any stamens (?) which are those yellow things sticking up out of the center with pollen on them.
    Glad you're still having a good time.

    1. Thank you. After verifying by internet search I corrected my error. The stamens are there but compacted to a brown ball for some reason.

  2. OK. I read that title and my mind went in an entirely different direction. To put it decoriously, a scatalogicly oriented direction. You'd think I was 7 and not nearly 70!