Morning Sun


Communicating In French


Adventure Location: Falcon Lake State Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-7-2023

Tomorrow we change campsites for a week. This one we are in was only rented for a week and now the weather north of us is being difficult so we will wait another week in this much better weather area.

On a short walk this morning a nice fellow that spoke very little English needed help. He is one of the large volume of Quebec folks working their way back to Canada before their health insurance plan drops them.

What he does is speak into his smart phone and the system interprets it and puts what he says on the screen in English. Then my response was displayed in French and we have good communication. It was very successful and solved his problem.

Next item is travel vans. We must have 30 or more in here every night. Here is a good example of what we are talking about.

This is not a complaint or compliment about those types of vans or van folks just a comment on the much larger quantity of them down here this year. So far all of them we have met have friendly folks.

Today was another bright and HOT day. Here is the campsite frying in the sun this morning.

And here is the temperature later in the day.

While we were waiting on the sun to give us a grand sight this evening we found a few shells.

The biggest one was about 1.25 inches. We have no history or knowledge about shells like that being here in this part of the desert but they caught our attention.

And the sunset was another pitiful one but it was all we got.

At least we are getting sun shine each evening instead of snow.

Tomorrow will be busy with having to move the camper and dump the tanks while we have it coupled and moving. It has been about 20 days since our last dump of the tanks.

And now we are going to relax and plan some trying to have tooooo much fun for tomorrow.


  1. I am very very curious about those shells. How far are you from the gulf? Can't imagine. Well, obviously today's cold front did not get down there by the time your wrote.

    1. According to Google Maps we are about 115 miles to the Gulf of Mexico at the closest spot.

  2. The photo of your thermometer made me feel better already this morning and I have not even finished my coffee. I have not traveled like you have but after all the research I did between 2011 and 2015, I think today I would go the van way.

    1. Van travel is even more popular these days than when I did it for a few trips in my younger days.

  3. In some of the post on the Boondockers blog you seem interesting in RV change.
    If you stay with a trailer, it would be difficult to find a smaller trailer with the bathroom and wardrobe space as well as the holding tank capacities the 22H has. Our first Arctic Fox was a 22G which was great for extended periods without need of a dump station. The roof accommodated ample solar panels and the storage space was amazing. We pulled it with a 2013 Sierra 2500HD Gas to Alaska and a number of other places. As long as your trailer is in good shape you would be hard pressed to find a better trailer for boondocking.

    1. Mine is a 2006 22H pulled very well by a GMC Sierra. Everything you say in your comments is correct. Thank you for your comment.