Morning Sun


Exuberant Sky


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-17-2023

Today was grocery shopping day as well as purchase some boondocking items for the Teams and the Castle. It was interesting to go into the Rio Grande City Walmart and find a store that was spic and span clean, shelves orderly and stocked and knowledgeable employees with great attitudes. Must be a difference in management and it was very nice for a change.

We had a fairly long list written and we even had the list with us. A couple of things were changed after we looked at the first guess item and realized that the second guess was a better choice for our situation. For exmple we were wanting a jug to carry water to the Castle and dump the contents into the fresh water tank if things got close to empty. When standing there looking at the bottle, visualizing filling the bottle, carrying it to the Castle and holding it up in the air to pour into the fresh water tank it was an easy never mind on that one. So another long hose was purchased to add to our hose reach for faucets. Three or four things like that happened and we left the store feeling like we had done some wise calls on our concern.

When we were checking out the lady on duty to watch the folks checking out came over to the OFM and asked, extremely politely, if we had missed scanning the fried chicken in the basket. The OFM replied that he scanned it first, She said let us look and check that the machine got that right. Well there it was first on the list. Then we looked at her handheld remote that was supposed to show her what our register had scanned and the chicken was not there! She paused and refreshed her device twice before the chicken showed up on it. She apologized for bothering me and moved away. Neither of us had made a mistake and the encounter was treated like it was simple error had occurred. In other words very well handled and pleasant. The OFM thanked her for her help as we walked out. We are grateful for the store folks trying to cut down on the theft that goes on in the stores these days in such a nice manner.

By the way the bill was $99.95.

After the return and putting away all of our stuff we ended up in one discussion after another most of the day on future travel advice for all the new travelers on the road these days. But it was fun meeting about a dozen new folks and talking about the great places to visit when they leave this area.

The sky was fairly exuberant this evening with beautiful scenes for a half hour at least. Here is our favorite of all the pics taken.

It is a cold night tonight but tomorrow should be a wonderful day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Sounds like more good times for you are happening. Good. And as for the last photo, yes, nothing like a TX water tower above some mesquite against a good big sky.

  2. That is a beautiful photo! Those cameras at Walmart's self checkouts are a bit over the top, from my point of view. Twice at different times, I've had an attendant summoned because of "possible failure to scan.". Neither time was it true, Really wild watching the video of the top of my hat as I was scanning! I agree that theft needs to be prevented, but..........

    1. Just use a cashier to check out and skip the self check that has the anti theft stuff at them.

    2. Generally the two open cashier lines are even longer than the lines for the robots! But that's just me bitching about life in the modern world, if I didn't want/need to save the money at walmart I could go to a regular grocery store.

  3. There are only about three cashiers at work at any one time. There are maybe 20 self checks. So to wait for a cashier is usually out of the question, unless a person has hours to waste!

  4. There was a time we had to get the water for the RV from town, we went to the public spring. I had two of the 7 gal cubes and several gallon jugs, way to much work to pour them into the water tank.
    I bought a 12v pump & the stuff needed to power it from the RV, a hose into one of the cubes and a male hose connection on the output side of the pump. I'd hook the normal water hose to the hose connection and pump the water into the RV.
    When the cube was low I'd start pouring the gallon jugs into the cube. The system worked well.