Ankle Trouble


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-25-2023

Yesterday the OFM had an attack of bugs around his ankles. Most of the bites were like mosquito bites in appearance and misery. We never did see the critters to identify them. The no itch creme worked fairly well on them. However this morning on awakening, the OFM was immediately aware that the right ankle backside needed special attention.

Sure enough there it was a blister slightly larger than a quarter surrounding and covering a single puncture mark like a mosquito bite. We checked the internet for treating this happening and chose to just gently rub 3-1 antibiotic ointment on it for treatment and be careful to keep the skin covering it intact. Tonight the pain is gone and the skin inside the blister is looking good. These desert bugs are tough and mean.

On our gentle walk this morning we ran across this succulent patch with unknown spikes like flower spikes sticking up with just green “flowers” on them. We do not yet know what they are or anything else but we will be finding out what we can as we research them on the internet.

Then when we left Whataburger in Roma Texas after lunch we noticed this orange tree in a yard across the street. Looks like those folks have a good crop of oranges this year. The OFM had forgotten this is zone 9 agriculturally speaking and citrus can be grown in this area.

A nice visit with our friend, we are going to Del Rio Tx with to help repair his sewer, resulted with the plan of leaving here on Tuesday of next week to head to San Patricio campground at Amistad NRA to stay a while. We will see how well that works out.

In the mean time we will be out beating the bushes for some way of trying to have tooooo much fun in this area.


  1. A stray fire ant? They sure make blisters on me. And they can do it before you know it. But you've probably met them before. I'll be interested to see if anyone knows about those flowers that look like red hot pokers, but are just green. Beautiful oranges. How did you keep your hands off? Sense of honor I guess.

  2. That is some type of Aloe. Unusual that it has yellow flowers...they are usually red or orange, which is what JudithK may be talking about.

  3. Looks like Aloe Vera by the blooms.