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Simple Day

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-04-2020
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Waves of rain washed over the land this morning. The temperatures were around 50F. This lasted until around noon and then moved into drizzle mode.  With weather like that the OFM Teams made it a major inside day.

Not a lot was accomplished and the big adventure was correcting a difficulty with the bathroom window. However the OFM managed to drop the window knob out the open window and had to go out in the rain to retrieve it. He got the job done with very little damage to himself or the Castle.  

The rest of the day was play with all the latest art toys and try them out on the different types of paper we have in stock. There is not a lot of paper in stock, but there is a lot of small supplies of LOTS of different types of art paper we are trying out to choose the one we like best.

Today several were eliminated as being undesirable. Now those papers are in the notepad stack for daily scribbling like shopping lists.

Out of all the diligent work we did, there was one cute little painting that was accomplished. Basically we tried out several different types of art implements like colored pencils and Neocolor II crayons trying to see how each performed on this particular paper.  The experiment was a success and the paper was a far third choice to keep using.

The rain stopped long enough at supper time for the OFM to get out and grab a chicken burger at BK and bring it home.

And that is the sum total of all the efforts at trying to have tooooo much fun without leaving the Castle for today.

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