Lucky Day

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-12-2020
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The two boneless pork chops were ready to cook. The pot was readied  and heating for pan seared pork chops.  The chops were coated on both sides with McCormicks Italian Seasoning. Ok, pot is hot and in they went for 4 minutes a side.

The Knorr package of Fettuccine in Savory Chicken Flavored Sauce was readied for cooking. The chops got done and moved to a plate for cooling. The pasta was started in the pot with the left over chop droppings.  That ought to be good we thought.

Fast Forward

The chop was great and that leaves one for tomorrow’s meal. Second thought ended up with the second chop cut into bite size chunks and put into the left over pasta and put into storage for tomorrow.  Good grief that is going to be good.

Later this evening about an hour before Walmart closed the OFM decided to see if the line outside was down any.  Yep it was. Took about three minutes to get inside. Guess what! It was our lucky day. 

They had some toilet paper in septic safe style that we can use in the Castle. We grabbed our allowed purchase amount.  Some cereal was added to the basket.  When we got to the vegetables and fruit section it was well stocked.  $30 later we got out of there.  

We noticed that the lake had dropped a good bit since a couple of days ago.  Maybe it is down enough for some lake bottom treasure hunting. When the lake was down like this several years ago the OFM had loads of fun walking the lake bed and finding all sort of dropped overboard things where there used to be water. There are LOTS of miles of lake bed to cover.

There is always more to do it seems.  Anyway the OFM Art Team has three paintings started and sketches for two more to be done next. Mainly we are trying to learn how to handle the Neocolor II crayons.  They are different than anything we have ever tried before.  Here is one that got to this point and stymied the OFM on how to continue.


It looks like we will need to put in some time on the Internet learning more about these crayons. You can be sure we have plenty to do for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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