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Electric Bill

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-10-2020
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It started cool and stayed there for most of the day. Slightly overcast skies made it seem cooler than it was but we had a great time enjoying it. It reminded the OFM that he paid for his spot for another month. His electric bill for last month was $29.77.

Someone around here paints rocks to fit the spot they place them.  Here is one that was put on the side shelf of the huge BBQ pit by the swimming pool.

Over at a small gathering spot with a roof is a small replica of the Broke Mill windmill. Someone had placed this rock on the replica.  What it means we have not a clue.

Then on the window ledge was another rock that looks carved. Check out this little bird.

Now on down the road to a place to walk on the wild side. We hit up the spur 454 road for a walk this afternoon.  It is a nice highway that used to be US90 before Lake Amistad came into being and caused a reroute to new US90.  We were just meandering along the road enjoying the cool weather when a voice called out “Hey  Old Fat Man, how ya doing? The OFM  answered “Pretty good.” as he looked around to see where the hailing came from. Then he spotted her and grabbed a picture.

We had a friendly little chat and finally she said she had to run and get some things done. The OFM responded with a Have a safe time. And she was gone.

When we got back to the Castle, we were pulling in the parking spot near the Castle, when Sierra said “LOOK AT THAT” and quick stopped.  The OFM got out to see what to look at and sure enough it was good news. Check out the upcoming fresh peaches on the fruit tree. Oh Boy the OFM loves fresh peaches. That is why he grew peaches when he lived in a house back in the Houston, Tx area.

With a little luck we will get a few for enjoying before we leave next month. Having fresh peach juice dripping down your chin is an excellent way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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