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Walmart Miracle

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-06-2020
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We had a really odd morning event.  Right after breakfast in the cool misty foggy weather, Sierra grabbed the OFM Grocery Shopping Team and headed for Walmart prepared for the long wait in line. Most of the time it runs 10-15 minutes. That did not happen this morning. Sierra drove into the parking lot and got parked. The Team jumped out to get in line. 

Whoops where is the line? What did they change? It was beyond our imagination but there was no line. The OFM walked right up to the crowd control person said “Good Morning” and she ushered us right into the store. WOW! Then everything we wanted was in stock. The fresh fruits had jumped in price since last week but they looked to be better quality than we got last week.

After checking out ($36), we headed for Sierra. On the way out we noticed gas was $1.719 a gallon. Good grief everything is going our way this morning.  Back at the Castle we put it all away and found our cabinets very full.  We like being well supplied for food. In fact for supper tonight we had a Knorr package of rice and pasta with shredded chicken added. Man that was good.

Then it came on quickly. The blindness and then the wild light show. And the OFM shut down to wait out the migraine headache and it was a significant one. At least they are not lethal if you are not skin diving or flying an airplane.

This afternoon the OFM had recovered enough to get in about a mile of gentle walking and it felt really good to be up and moving around.

Later in the late afternoon the OFM got out his last painting in progress and completed this effort at paper wasting. Enjoy.

We learned a lot more about art painting on this piece and it was a good piece for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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