OFM Rig @ Amistad NRA Camping Area


Free Camping

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-09-2020
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There is only one location the OFM knows of in the Amistad NRA that has free camping with road access. They have a good bit more for boat campers.  This Dispersed Camp Area is an off shoot of the Spur 406 designated campsites campground.  We have had a few nice stays in that campground and one ugly hot, buggy one.  It is fine in the winter temps.

Basically you go to the spur 406 Camping area and keep on going until the vault toilet on the left. The boat ramp is a little bit ahead. Here is the sign at the campground entrance.

A road to the left just before you get to the boat ramp road is your destination. At this point you leave pavement for semi-improved travel surface. Sometimes it gets rough but on this day it was easy traveling.

The road goes into the DCA and makes a loop. When the lake is full all of the currently used sites are water front.  There is no designated place to set up. Just what you like and have at it. Be self contained and carry EVERYTHING you might want.  It is about 35 miles back to the Del Rio Walmart and that is the close store.

We took pictures of several of the spots that have been being used in the past. It is very common for a camper to be the only camper in the whole facility.  Yes, the  Border Patrol and the Park Rangers will likely be seen at least once a day during your stay. Say Howdy and visit with them they are nice folks. Every time I ask them about safety, they all have said essentially the same thing. Nothing happens out here, it is too far from every where.  

Please remember to clik the pic to enlarge it.

In no particular order is pictures of six different spots on the loop that have been used for camping in the past. By no means is this all the available area. Do not be surprised if a local goat, sheep or cow stop by for a treat. Yes this is wild country and it has wild country desert type critters. It is their home you realize we hope.

It is definitely a great location for the adventuresome type of person who is trying to have tooooo much fun.

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