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Over 40 Years Ago

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-07-2020
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We had an adventurous morning down at Diablo East boat ramp and marina. When Sierra got us there it was an overcast day that is not good for photography.  So like usual we get what we got for pictures.

After Sierra got us parked over in the marina parking lot, the OFM started recalling that there used to be a maintained path down to some stairs near the restroom building. As it worked out some cactus were blooming to attract us down there like foolish moths to a campfire.

The cactus were pretty nice but we found many others around the area this day. Cactus blossoms were in great abundance today.

After getting the blooming picture for the blog, the OFM kinda meandered around trying to remember things from the 1970s when he was first here. Finally he found what looked like the remnants of the old access path.

From there we carefully made our way through the 2-3 inch long spines waiting for fresh blood to appear. After a few minutes the head of the stairs appeared. Yea, he remembered correctly.  So we stood at the head of the stairs and looked down into the 40 feet low lake. When the OFM was last on these stairs the bottom two or three steps were in the lake!

We went on down to the bottom of the stairs and out onto the sloped sidewalk until it stopped and you had to walk on the rock slabs.  A bit on down the slope there was some more poured concrete but we did not head on down that far. It was getting to have too many loose ball bearing shaped stones for the OFM.

After a quick conference it was chosen to return to the top of the hill.  It sure is some rough country around here.

We turned back and looked up for the trail to orient ourselves. Goodness look at all the loose rock on the trail we went down. The OFM needs to pay a lot more attention to his paths in the future.

Any way we made it back just fine without any incidents of pain. The pain came later in another blog report planned.

Back on top we headed back for Sierra to go chase more cactus flower pictures  and there turned out to be a lot of them. The OFM was still being pained by the migraine leftovers so we decided to head up to flatter ground for the rest of the trying to have tooooo much fun. It turned out to be a wise decision.

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